SAKS- For those near Maryland

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    Hi! I was just doing my laundry, looked at one of my shirts, and I realized I haven't shared something here and I should. In Aberdeen, Maryland, there is a Saks Distribution Center. Within the center there is a little store. It is different than Off 5th in that it has all of the high end brands and is smaller than an Off 5th location. Some of the stuff has the wrong size in the tag, others may have a scuff on the bottom of the shoe, others may be missing a bead, BUT it has great prices. I bought a Tahari shirt that had one little string hanging from it for $15, I bought Dolce and Gabanna pants for $20 that had the wrong size listed in them, Miu Miu shoes with a teeny scuff on the heel for $20, Zanotti shoes for $50 (one is a size 36 and the other 36.5), a Prada clutch for $50 (has a small watermark on the inside) and JBrand black jeans for $20 (again, miss-sized). It *can* be hit or miss but I never have a problem finding at least one thing to take home :graucho: So, if you don't mind tiny imperfections in order to save hundreds, it may be worth the trip for you. You can find the address and other info below..hope this helps!:

    500 Hickory Drive
    Aberdeen, MD 21001-3626
    (410) 297-5200
  2. wow!

    what a great tip for those in the area!
  3. interesting! what a treasure. thanks for sharing!
  4. You're welcome! Even for those who visit the area (Baltimore or Philly), the store isn't too far out of the way!!

    I'm patiently waiting for some CL's to appear! I've seen Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's, Prada, Zanotti, Miu Miu, and a whole bunch more.. but not any CL's yet! (::secretly hoping that a pair in a 36.5 get slightly damaged or mismarked!!::smile:
  5. Wow, OP! Thank you. I must make a trip sometime.

    Nordstrom has a similar store called Last Chance in Phoenix. It is not same as Nordstrom Rack.
  6. I love last chance. whenever i got to phoenix i have to pick up an extra suit case for the way home.
  7. Wow, thanks for the tip!
  8. You're welcome =). It's not a huge store.. just about 20 racks of clothing, some tables of purses, and probably 20 racks of shoes. They have dresses, casual attire, and business casual stuff. If you go at the right times (they tell me Tuesdays are the best because they replenish stock most since they are closed Monday), you will really find some great deals. I mostly go for the shoes.. but they do have really great brands of clothing, too!
  9. what kind of bags do they usually have?? and thanks for the info i had no idea!~!
  10. I always forget about this little place! I need to remember to go there whenever I go home to Lancaster..... thanks for reminding me! It will be a great way to kill a day.
  11. wow, thanks so much for sharing! i'll go this weekend :yahoo:
  12. I had no idea this place existed, thanks for posting. I'm getting more adventurous with driving to new places so I just might make a trip there soon!
  13. i had no idea this place existed! i live in bmore, so it's still a bit of a drive, but i think i'll have to pick a tuesday and go!
  14. I think I am going to go tomorrow during my lunch, so I will update everyone as to what brands I see!!

    The purses are usually limited.. they are more of a shoe and clothing store.. but I will check to see what they have and let you know!

    I forgot that I got another pair of shoes there.. Dior pumps for $40! I don't really see anything wrong with them either!