Saks First Rewards Gift Card

  1. Has anyone received their Saks First gift card yet? I haven't received mine yet. Last year, I got it in January. Before calling and finding out, I thought I would check in to see if any tPfers have received their card.
  2. I got mine in the mail this week.
  3. I got mine on Saturday.
  4. I got mine on Monday.
  5. I got mine last week and used it up. I move fast!:wlae:
  6. got mine on v-day.
  7. I just got mine today in the mail.
  8. Same here! I bought a miu miu bag:yes:
  9. Thanks all! I'm off to call Saks and find out where my card is! I can't do an all out ban (I have no discipline) but I'm trying to limit my purchases and I've been waiting for the gift card! Update: I just called SaksFirst and was told that all Rewards Cards were mailed out last week so they should be arriving sometime this week or the beginning of next week.
  10. Mine finally came today
  11. i got mine yesterday
  12. Received mine this week.
  13. got mine today
  14. I just got home and there it was in the mail. I'm looking forward to a long weekend shopping with my gift card!
  15. has anyone else gotten a ridiculously low gift card? i charge a boatload on my card, and my giftcard amount didn't even exceed a $100. i swear their points rewards program is nowhere as competitive as other credit cards.