Saks First Giftcard at LOUIS VUITTON

  1. Hi, everybody, I just recieved my Saks first giftcard today in the mail. I was curious to know if Louis Vuitton accepted these kind of giftcards so I called to find out and they said YES!

    So I also come to find out that Louis Vuitton can only accept giftcards in person; no orders over the phone.... So I had to send my giftcard in by snailmail. My free Giftcard was for $119 so I had to charge the difference for the damier azur cles on my Saks card. Now I just have to wait!

    I was wondering if anyone else recieved a Saks rewards giftcard and if they are planning to use it at Louis Vuitton? ;)
  2. I received my Saks gift card today as well and I was super excited to find out you can use it for LV now. I'm just having a hard time deciding what I want to get with it... so many choices so little points :lol:.
  3. I got 2 already. I thought you coudln't use it with LV so I spent the first one on Dior. I just got $32 in d mail yesterday. So yeah i'm spending it this weekend.Good to know you can spend it on LV.
  4. yeah, I was really surprised and so was my mom... so she said, "go for it"

    I had over 10'000 points which came out to be $119--- I ended up getting the damier azur cles key holder.
  5. ^ how cute. I'm going to get the key holder too. but i'm not sure which yet.
  6. I got a Saks First gift card in the mail yesterday as well. I wouldn't even know where to begin to buy something from Saks for the paltry amount of my gift-card. I've never used one of these so I don't really know how it works and all, so if someone can give me some pointers that would be great.

    Oh, and do any of you ever use the "privileges" on your Saks First Account?

    If there is already a thread on the Saks First card, please feel free to point me in that direction and close this thread.
  7. I usually only shop on Double Point days at Saks.... And I think once a year they even have a Triple Point day. Otherwise my giftcard would be a lot less than what I got.

    I imagine if my points were never doubled and I just shopped on normal days, I'd probably have like $25! So, yeah its worth it to shop on double point days.

    OH, yeah and what is Saks Privileges?
  8. oh gosh, my SA already text me my amount 1100....that shows how much i love saks lol. for those of who want to know your amount, your SA should also have a list of how much you get back.
  9. Thats awesome! $1100

    So what are you going to get?
  10. water color speedy vvn! if not, then i'll get a black mc audra or a pegase hehe
  11. Oh my. that's a lot.I never shop at LV from Saks. I love the brown bag too much. My sis shop at Dior from Saks and she don't get the extra wrapping like regular Dior does so I go to seperate LV boutique. Maybe I should start going to Saks. I waitlist for the Mahina XS already.
  12. ^You still get the brown bag, LV boxes, and wrapping since the space is leased from Saks by LV. Saks has nothing to do with running of the LV department, which is staffed with employees hired by LV to exclusively work their brand's section of the store.
  13. I got my card this week. A whole $29! Woohoo! I'm glad to hear that you can use it at LV. I will definitely be using the card more so I can eventually earn another bag!
  14. Valleyo: I had no idea. Wow, ok i guess it's a good bye to my great-SA from Millenia mall then. After all, I need some more Sak's point & the Mahina will help me. Dior didn't have any good wrapping so I thought LV is the same. Thanks for the info.
  15. Saks constanly have double points, it's easy to rack up the point that way. I only shop if it's Double/Triple or EGC for Chanels hehe.