Saks First Cut Sale...and more


I got my Balenciaga!
Mar 7, 2007
San Diego, CA
Hi guys, I went to the mall today with the intention of coming home with a new bag. Sad to say, I didn't. But not because there weren't tons to choose from. The Saks in San Diego has lots that have been marked down. Neiman's also had a good selection of sale items. Bloomingdale's had lots of bags at 30% off. Nordstoms was a big let down. I put a Kooba on hold because I wasn't sure if I loved it. I really want to hold out for a B-bag. I'm going back tomorrow when I have more time.


Went to Saks NYC yesterday...there are literally TONS of bags on sale. Saw lots of Mulberry, Chloe (Ediths, Paddington Totes and Hobos), Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana...the Dior and Chanel boutiques also had sales going on. Lots of merch, but the prices are still expensive...I'm waiting for the second cut myself !