Saks Final Cut Sale Starts July 12th

  1. i just called Saks 24 hour online ordering and i was informed that the final cut sale starts july 12th. so lets get really and shop.:yahoo:
  2. what designers are on the "final cut" sale?
    Thank you
  3. It's whatever is left over from the 1st and 2nd cuts. It's usually 50% off the last marked price.
  4. Will they have pre-sale? if so, anyone knows when?
  5. A Saks SA told me the don't do presales for 2nd and final cuts but I did see on the boards where some stores allowed a presale for 2nd cut. I think it depends on the store and who your SA is.
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. Is that for the stores too?
  8. YAYAY! It starts on my birthday!!
  9. That's my bday too!!
  10. THANKS for the post!

    And Happy B-day's to u all~!
  11. Hahaha Woo Hoo.

    Happy birthday fellow Cancerian.
  12. My SA said that right now all clearance items are 33% off. This will go away on July 12th and it will change to 50% off all clearance items. If you get a good SA, you can purchase over the phone and they will ship the item to you.

    Arturo in San Francisco is great. He will even shop for you if you describe the style.

    Rev up your credit cards! hehehe:choochoo:
  13. do you know if Arturo or any other Saks SF SA's would be willing to pre-sale for the final cut?
  14. i went to saks ny today, and a sa told me it will be another 30% off. Not sure which one is correct (50% of ticket or another 30% off), but the anothr 30% seems to be a better deal. So I hope she is correct!:tup:
  15. You too! lol I think I'll tell the hubby I want a trip to Saks for my bday! :p