SAKS final cut online now!

  1. Click on item to see new price! ENJOY!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks. Going now...........
  3. Botkier Bella clutch down to $155
  4. I don't see it!! Is there a special link?
  5. Looks like it starts July 12!
  6. any free shipping code plz?:tup:
  7. The prices all look the same....
  8. WOW! What a great deal. I looked on Shopbop to see what they looked like on...very cute! And they are full price on there. I know from experience that I just won't use a bag that small. Great price for someone! Thanks for pointing out such a great find.
  9. once you click on them, the prices are different ... some MBMJ shoes I was looking at are down $12 .... I can't decide if I want them, ahha.
  10. Down to $12?????
  11. Thanks a million!
    Got a pair of YSL sandals.
  12. I spoke to an online REP and they said that not everything was marked down, only selected items and it is not a glitch.