Saks Fifth vs. Neiman Marcus What makes you shop where?

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  1. I recently purchased a Chanel bag from the new Mademoiselle line from Neimans, only to discover a few days later that Saks in New York has the same bag, and can ship it to my state without tax. Then I started to wonder what other people do when the same thing is offered at both department stores. Do they have a preference, and why? Is it just because of a chance to get free tax, to use any credit card (Neiman's only takes Am Ex or Neiman's card at most locations), or does one store offer better quality service, lets say, if something happened to the bag, and it was damaged etc. Does anyone have reasons why they shop at one place over the other...or why they might choose to shop directly at the boutique over the department stores?
  2. I think its fun to buy direct from the designer's boutique--like Chanel or LV or Ferragamo--if its possible where you live. You usually get to see the widest selection of merchandise, and the SAs are often quite knowledgeable about the particular line. In my opinion, you also have a better shot at getting a "fresh" bag--right out of the box--as opposed to one that has been on display or (yikes) returned.

    As for Neimans vs. Saks, why choose???
  3. I know I bought an LV bag several years ago straight from the boutique b/c they could ship it to me without charging sales tax b/c there wasn't a LV in my state at the time. I will definitely choose the store/boutique that has the best deal like that b/c those shipping charges add up! To choose between Saks and Neimans, I would probably choose Saks b/c they take any card (I believe). Typically when I buy a bag it takes me at least 2 months to pay it and my AMex is a pay-every-month-in-full acct and I don't have a Neimans card.:smile:
  4. Saks!! I like being able to pay how I want and the SAs seem to be less snooty!
  5. I don't shop at my Saks because they have a CRAPPY selection - NO premium designer bags. In addition, they don't have a Childrne's Dept and the 2 times I've been in recently their AC was broken.

    NM has ALL the premiere lines - Chanel, Balenciaga, LV, Gucci. . . .
    and a fabulous Children's Collection.
    And I get fantastic customer servcie there - easy decision!
  6. I go back and fourth with both stores depending what I am looking for. If something is sold out in one store, I can usually get it at the other store.
  7. Seems like Saks has better sales and I have the most wonderful SA at Saks .......... and they do take all cards.
  8. I choose Saks bc I also have a Saks outlet close by but I don't have a Neiman Marcus outlet so I get more use out of my Saks card by sticking with them. also I've never had a problem with Saks--I did have a big problem with the outlet that was eventually resolved

    also, I love Nordstrom bc they price match--not sure if Saks and NM price match too, never tried
  9. Niemans just because it's closer and I also think they have better selection. However, when I'm shopping online, I check if the same item that I found at NM is sold at BG. And if it is, I buy from tax to Cali. And of course, if I find it on sale anywhere else, then that's where i'll take my business. :biggrin:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot Nordstrom. The best service!
  10. I forgot that NM and BG were affiliated! So, can you use you NM card at BG and get Incircle points, too?
    I have to say that I prefer the service at Saks better. The SAs seem a bit friendlier to me. PLus, NM Personal Shoppers service is awful. lol.
  11. Me too. ;)
  12. I BROWSE Neimans. I do not like the fact that Neimans does not take Visa or Mastercard. I have to go through too much stuff to buy something there. Besides I like the SAs at the designers stores and Saks (and Nordies most importantly) better. Anything that I can find at Neimans I can find somewhere else. Saks will do what I want. And The premium stores will ship it to me without tax, so why shop at Neimans when Saks and other stores are much more willing to take my money?
  13. It depends on what I am looking for. I always go to NM for handbags because i have the best SA! Otherwise, it really depends because one may have a particular designer that the other does not carry.
  14. Neimans is the only one which ships to Canada so that makes my choice pretty easy. Although I've never been to the US, so have never actually stepped into either store. I also used to work at a NM call centre and now kick myself for not taking advantage of their employee discount.
  15. i agree.... and saks also has better sale.