SAKS FIFTH Last Call Feb 8 select location

  1. Hi, I received a post card from Saks saying they will ship the remaining stock of sales merchandise to Chicago, NY, etc for Last Call at extra 25% off.
    Anyone know if they have a pre-sale this week or has the merchandise arrived yet??
  2. Is the sale just on the 8th, or does it continue all weekend?
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. I got this postcard, too. On the front it says "beginning on February 8th and continuing for a limited time."
  5. Is it going to be at all NY locations?
  6. aw, i was all excited too!
  7. It says New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Houston Galleria and San Francisco stores only....
  8. so they are going to have a sale on the 8th at the SF location and for that day only its 25% off sale items and then everything left is going to off 5th stores?
  9. I just called the Chicago store - designer handbag section, the SA said the sales is only on 2nd and 3rd floors, mainly clothes.....she is not aware of any new stuff coming in designer handbag section and she doesn't think they are part of the sales.
    She also said the stuffs are already there on 2nd and 3rd floor at extra 25% off.....
    please advise if any updates.
  10. You lucky girls! Dang it...down here in Florida we never have any sales like that.
  11. I went to Bal Harbour Saks the second week of January and see lots of sales at the store too!:yes:
  12. Where is the Chicago store? Is it at Gurnee?
    Can anyone tell me?
  13. Chicago store is on Michigan Avenue
  14. So no handbags are included? because I was about to run out the door...
  15. Thithi, you are too