Saks Fifth Avenue gift card

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Did anyone got a gift card from Saks recently? I just got mine in the mail and I want to know how much I got (anything from $15-$1000)!!!! But I wouldn't be able to find out until I buy something next week! Ohhhhhh...I can't wait to find out!
  2. Oh, yay for you! I hope ot's close to the 1000. ;)
  3. Yeah, I got mine yesterday.
  4. I got one too! I think I will call the number on the 29th to see what the value is.
  5. Ok, so I called Saks and my gift card is worth $25!!! Wooooo! LOL
  6. i got one, i didn't try yet, do i have to pruchase something before i get to see how much is on my card??
  7. there should be a 1-800# on the back that you can call and find out how much is on it. I never get one from Saks, but I do get one from Macy*s when they do it and it's ran the same way.
  8. $25 is better them nothing.
  9. I got $25 too!
  10. I agree! So, I am going to Saks later today and see if I want anything. :biggrin:

    If you want to know how much you have on your mystery gift card, call this number 1-877-551-SAKS and ask any SA. Hey, it's just a phone call but you could end up with $1000 to spend!!!! You can use in on Chanel but not on LV.
  11. Mine is worth $25 too! You can check on the website....just go to the gift card section and enter the # and pin.
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