saks fifth avenue gift card

  1. can you use that on the lv boutique located inside the Saks fifth avenue store?
  2. I think so, my sister returned some perfume and got a store credit/gift card and was able to use it at the LV counter.
  3. Thanks
  4. Definately!!! I was just at Saks at South Coast Plaza the other day and asked that question at their LV counter. The LV counter in Saks doesn't sell LV gift certificates and can't accept LV gift certifcates at all. However, the Saks LV counter will accept Saks gift certficates as well as the Saks bonus certificates (based on points on a Saks credit card).

    So, if you were to purchase or receive an actual LV gift certificate, you would have to use it at the actual LV stores and not at the LV counters that are located in some of the department stores.
  5. I was back in Saks over the weekend and the Manager was making a point to let everyone know that they are back in the points system if you have a Saks credit card. I just may have to get a Saks card now, too dangerous though.
  6. Really. So I can purchase LV and charge it to my saks and accumulate points?
  7. there was another thread about this somewhere. I thought you could NOT purchase LV in saks and get the gift card.
  8. Yes. If you want to verify for yourself, call Saks directly.
  9. I was also under the impression that you CAN use a Saks gift card for LV.

  10. You can NOT get points for buying LV at a Saks. You can however, use your Saks credit card, but no parts are awarded. Some of the Saks gift cards (not all) are able to be used to purchase LV (a recent development).

    Hope this helps. I too am sad b/c no points are awarded. :crybaby: