Saks Fifth Avenue - Friends & Family?!?

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  1. I know that in the Spring--around March or April Saks does their "Friends & Family" event. The coupon usually includes an online code too! Does anyone know when the Saks F&F is set for this year?!? And if so, do you have the coupon code?!

  2. Yes, :nuts: ....please share with us, :love: ....thank you in advance!
  3. pretty please!

    Is the Saks Friends&Family like the macy*s friends&family where you get 20% off practically anything (excluding lease)? If so... are the major handbag designers included? :nuts:
  4. With all the upcoming F&F--it reminded me that this is about the time of year that Saks does one too.... Does any one have any info?
  5. i'd definitely appreciate any info that anyone posts about this event!
  6. ooh, me too. someone must know!
  7. it should be now. About the same time that Bloomies has theirs. But Saks is strict!!!!

    i asked a SA about if a few weeks ago and she says "i already passed out all my cards"

    I dont think they're a lenient as Bloomies. You have to have a friends and family card.

    Good luck. If anyone is able to get something let us know
  8. The Saks in Beverly Hills is like a FREE FOR ALL! About 2 years ago I got lucky and got a card. I happened to be up in LA and I stopped by the BH store. It was just completely automatic that you got the F&F discount. No cards needed. That place was a madhouse!

    On the back of the card is usually a code for internet use... I just haven't been lucky to get a card since I don't shop at my local Saks often....
  9. it's today through saturday. my SA told me it is only good for in-store purchases- not on line.
  10. hmm they usually have an online code
    I am going to try to do a search in google
  11. oh, and she also told me that almost all designer stuff is excluded- specifically chanel bags, and david yurman jewelry
  12. Maybe ladies who are close with their SA at saks could let us know. I usually get them every year but not htis one.
  13. she told you that because she wants to make some mula.
  14. Got it
  15. What are the exclusions to the online code? Anyone try using it yet?