Saks Fifth Avenue Friends & Family 20% Off!!!

  1. hey guys,

    just to let you know, the ever so friendly Saks fifth avenue is doing F&F 20% OFF again for october.:tup::tup::tup: the actual event starts OCT. 25th (next thurs.) but presale starts on monday. GET YOUR STUFF BEFORE IT RUNS OUT!

    my SA's name is APRIL. she works in the cosmetics dept... so i get all my LA MER, GUERLAIN, and CLE DE PEAU stuff at this time. BUT...she can ring you up for anything in the store that is a part of the sale. i'm not sure the restrictions, but ask her what handbags are included. i know chanel, lv, fendi, gucci, ferragamo, and marc jacobs were excluded... but valentino, chloe, dolce gabbana, bottega were included. :yahoo:

    you can go online, get the sku numbers and have her ring it up. 20% off even applies to sale items!!! also, she SHIPS FOR FREE so you don't even have to worry about that!!!

    give april a call and tell her you are michelle's friend....

    310.887.5471 - direct line @ beverly hills store
    818.300.7893 - mobile (leave a msg and she'll call back)

    PM me if you have questions...
    michelle. ;)
  2. Thanks for the posting.
  3. Are Chanel cosmetics included in the F&F?
  4. what about david yurman jewelry?
  5. how about Botkier bags?
    does Saks carry it?
  6. Poor April will be bombarded with calls! :nogood:

    I wonder if she can post what is included and what is not so we can PM her with orders...:confused1:
  7. David Yurman jewelry hasn't been included for the past 3 or 4 years. Does anyone know if the furs are included?
  8. Thank You so much for posting.

  9. Are Dior bags included?
  10. thanks for sharing michelle!!!
  11. Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing!!!
    Are cosmetics included?
    If so, I have to save money for the day!!!! ^^
  12. what about bobbi brown cosmetics?
  13. I saw something I like but it's a pre-order and the site said the credit card will be charged when the product becomes available (jan 08).

    So I guess I can't use it for that then? Bummer...
  14. I was wondering if there was some list of the exclusions that applied so Michelle wouldn't get too annoyed with our questions...? Thanks for the post. I am oh so looking forward to this!
  15. My SA works in the cosmetics department at the Bal Harbour store and I live in NY and I get all of my purchases from him...thats how much I love him. He always puts stuff aside for me.

    His info is below. I will try and get a list of inclusions and post.
    His name is Amin, this is the main number 305 865 1100 just ask for the La Prarie counter

    By the way, I'm a new poster but I've been trolling this site for over a year. Always saw posting as admitting my obsession...I guess this is me admitting I have a bag addiction problem...first step to getting