1. Saks will be having a Double Points event next week, so please spread the word. If you want to be notified of events like the Double Points, EGC Events, Personal Appearances
  2. is there EGC this month? Like tomorrow?
  3. ECG will be on October. Double points will be Oct 4-7.

  4. thanks for posting.
  5. EGC is Thurs, October 18th. Confirmed by my SA.
  6. What is EGC?

    I have a Saks charge card with over 10`000 points on it. What dos
  7. YEAH!! I got a catalog the other day...I will be ordering!
  8. you think it's better to go for the double points or wait until EGC?
  9. I think EGC gets you more $ in the giftcard, but $450 is the limit, so if you're planning on spending tons, I guess double points is better. Also, it depends on how many points you get per dollar (which is based on how much you've spent so far).
  10. seriously, PLEASE stop asking people to PM you aboutthis stuff. . . . no need to PM you, best to post here:yes:

    last warning.