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  1. Saks is having its Double Points event for its exclusive Saks First cardmembers for the week of Sept 10-15. This is the perfect opportunity to receive bonus points that will add up to Saks Bonus Reward Gift Cards based on your purchases over the year. If you are not a current Saks cardholder member, this is the perfect time for you to enroll into the program so you can start collecting those points for the Bonus Reward Gift Cards.

    no one may advertise here or post their contact info:nogood:

  2. A friend of mine said that they received a promo mystery gift card in a mailing for September 11. Do you know anything about this?
  3. i got one of these too, but i believe it's actually for september 10th. the card says basically it's for between $15 and $1,000(?) and you go in and spend it and find out how much it's worth at the register-sounds fun! :tup: the only downer is it's not applicable to LV-not that i'm banking on having more than $15 on it anyway :p
  4. What did it look like??

    I didn't get one I don't think.

    I did receive a flyer for the double points.
  5. don't have it in front of me but got it the same day as the double points flyer. it came stuck to the inside of a card, and i think it was purple with three question marks in boxes-kind of like slots i'd say.
  6. That really sucks:sad:

    I didn't get one - only the flyer for double points.
  7. Thank goodness I read this thread, I forgot about it completely. Will have to go to Saks today!
  8. Were there only certain stores that participated in this?
  9. i got one of these cards... i wish i get $1000. hehehe
  10. Saks sent gift cards with various amounts to be used for only today. The only way to find out the value of the gift card is to come in today and speak to an Associate.
  11. very close to being Sofa King Banned.
  12. thanks for the reminder!! wish my card was worth a $1000... although i'm not sure what I would buy if it was really $1000.
  13. The gift cards have unknown amounts on them, you need to see what you can get with your giftcards...Or you can still take advantage of the Double Points this week!

  14. Why did some receive them and some did not? I spend a fortune in Saks and did not get one.
  15. I got the card but mine's for tomorrow.
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