Saks & Fedex screwed up !!!

  1. I was supposed to recieve my handbag today. I gave the shipping address as not my home address (because I am not home) but my friend's business address cause someone is always there M-F. Well, Saks did not send it "signature required" and FEDEX left the package at the door. I was tracking the package all day and called FEDEX as soon as the tracking details said "Left at door". I asked them to instruct the driver to pick up the package and hold for pickup since it will get stolen if it stays there. A few minutes later I checked the tracking details again and this time, the "Left at door" disappeared and "Delivered" was there. I rushed to this place (within an hour of delivery) and the package was gone. I hope FEDEX has picked it up.

    I called my SA at Saks and she called and they spoke to FEDEX and told her that the package has been picked up and will be redelivered Mon or Tue.

    But, the tracking info still says delivered and I have called FEDEX several times and they don't know where the package is. I cannot understand how SAKS can send such an expensive item without requiring signature. I will wait until Mon and check with FEDEX again. If they cannot rtrace it I will have to file a dispute with my CC company. Oh I am so mad....:crybaby::cursing:
  2. I'm sorry! I hope it gets resolved...
  3. Saks should be held responsible for this fiasco.

    I'd use obscene language as that's the first thing that entered my mind when I read your post, but it's the holidays :smile:

    I'd be seriously PISSED, and I'd have Saks kissing your a** left, right, and centre on this one. To have a bag sent w/o sig confirmation is seriously "f-d" up.

    I hope you get the bag....and a gift certificate for raising your blood pressure needlessly.
  4. lhasalover, I'm sorry - I'd be totally frustrated and PO'd too!! It's shocking how expensive the order has to be for some stores to ship signature required (when I recently ordered a Bal bag from NM via charge send [not an online order], the SA told me that if it's under $5k they don't require a signature).

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will show up Monday....keep us posted.
  5. saks actually required a siggy the last time I had a bag delivered. I was shocked as they DO normally dump it on my front porch.... I think my good sA requested it for me. Make sure u always request a siggy when u ship a bag cuz they do leave very expensive things without siggy. Its awful! Hope they find it!!! Keep calling till u get an answer!!!
  6. This bag is worth $1800. I have ordered so many bags from Neiman Marcus and they have always required signature. 99% of the time I order online and there is no place to specify that. I just assumed Saks would. When I called them they said that they don't require sig because people were not home and not receiving their stuff. They also did not declare a value on the item, else fedex would not have left it on the front door.
  7. I feel the oppposite. One of the reasons I order online is for convenience. If things are sent with a signature requirement, I won't place the order. There's a 98% chance I won't be home to receive the package, which means I'd have to drive to the deliverer's business to pick it up, which wipes out the convenience factor for me. I've had several packages delivered from Tiffany's (both gold and silver items, some several thousand dollar items) that didn't require a signature, with no problem. If I lived in a place that I didn't think was safe in terms of front porch thefts I'd feel differently, but I've never had anything stolen from my porch.
  8. True, most of the times I won't be home to sign for it but its better that the package is sitting at their facility then risking it in the front. I wouldn't mind driving to pick up my package because at least I know its in a safe place. I usually have to sign something and for a $1800 bag it should be required its ridiculous to leave that expensive bag in the front. That's plain stupid!!! I really do hope your purse is safe and you should really lay into Saks about this. I'd be so pissed off. They should give you a matching wallet or something for all your emotional distress!
  9. Well, I called FEDEX today and they said they have the bag in their possession... I will be glad when this is delivered safe & sound.