Saks Fashion Fix sale

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  1. All of the good stuff is gone... again. Why do they even do a 24-hour sale when the good stuff is sold out after an hour?
  2. I believe it actually started yesterday. Oddly enough, I received the email notification before it actually began! But a friend of mine didn't receive the email until after noon today. Crazy!
    At first I thought Saks actually had their act together with these sales.
    Guess I was mistaken!
  3. The e-mail I received stated it started today at 12 EST. Of course they didn't send me the e-mail til 12:09 EST.
  4. i like the cole han pumps!
  5. yeah they didn't send me the email until 12:47 pm, they need to work on their timing!
  6. Last time, I recieved the email 12 hours after it began. Obviously, nothing good was left AL ALL.
  7. that's funny, because the exact same items were up yesterday (and amazingly still available... i guess b/c so few people had the link). I was contemplating one of the HL's but talked myself out of it, and when I checked again later on in the day they only had a medium left.
  8. ohhhh I love that Elizabeth & James long dress! too bad it's gone :sad: