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Mar 29, 2008
Hi girls, so I heard of the upcoming saks friends and family event and I was wondering if there have been any updates? I tried online chatting with an SA but he was limited in his knowledge of the event soooo I immediately thought of you wonderful, always informed, gals

Specifically my questions are:

-does the sale include miu miu?
(from what I've read, last year didn't but this year might be different...? *fingers crossed*)

-are the price increases before of after this event?

Thanks a bunch!!


Dec 26, 2007
Miu Miu is EXCLUDED! As confirmed by my SA. I was very disappointed when I found out.

Basically, in the handbag dept, the following brands are excluded:
- Miu Miu, Prada, LV, Dior, Fendi, Chanel

You do not need a Saks card to participate in the sale. Some stores will offer the F&F discount to any customer. Some will leave it to the discretion of the SA.

SAs receive a limited # of invitations that they give to their clients. On the card, there is also an one-time discount code of 25% for online use. It's only 15% off for beauty products though!

I received a call from my SA that she will be sending me an invitation BUT she hopes that I will do my ordering through her directly.

I haven't receive it yet though. :supacool:

IMO, if you ask nicely, there shouldn't be a reason why a SA would not give you the discount. After all, they get more commission that way.
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