SAKS F&F starts Oct 25/2007

  1. Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post on this website :smile:

    I found out today that there is a Saks F&F coming up Oct 25th. Would anyone be able to post a promo code for online shopping? I'm not located anywhere near a store but would like to shop online!!!

    Thanks and happy shopping!:smile:
  2. is there a printout? how much discount is the f&f?
  3. thanks for the update. Last year, Friends and Family was 20% off including cosmetics! What a great deal. Saks San Francisco had a stack of fliers near the door, but the SAs were giving the discount to everybody. Don't know if it was online though..
  4. I was reading about previous Saks F&F and apparently on the back of the invite card there is a code to enter online... if someone could post this code that would be SOOO much appreciated, for those of us that can't even get to a store!! Thanks!!
  5. The codes are 1x use. Just an FYI
  6. if i bought one pair of louboutins with my saks SA, do u think he can give me one of those coupons...? in other words, how do i get one!!!! :smile:
  7. I am so excited! I love these events because you get the discount on cosmetics and fragrances. Does anyone know if the same exclusions apply, like no discount on Chanel, LV, etc?
  8. You mean each invite has a different code on the back of it? Wow didnt know that! Sucky! let me know if anyone gets hold of a coupon code they don't plan on using
  9. The last F&F event had alot of exclusions - Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Prada, Chanel, LV, Miu Miu, all sunglasses, etc. The list was pretty lengthy. I always stock up on cosmetics/skincare, etc.
  10. hmm..i wonder about balenciaga.
  11. I'm pretty sure Balenciaga will be excluded. Burberry was included in the last one but the exclusions do change at each event.
  12. Ferragamo is in, FYI. (very few handbag brands)
  13. all high end brands are excluded (i.e. chanel, lv, gucci, fendi...etc). Friends and Family used to be anyone who shopped that day would get the 20%, but in the last 2 years everytime i went during the event you needed a code that was given out by the SAs to thier friends and family...and i guess each one only has so many.
  14. what about shoes? are ALL shoes included? even Louboutins?
  15. Shoes had exclusions - Manolo, Prada, Choo, etc. I don't know about Louboutins but I would think they are excluded as well.