saks f&f exclusion list

  1. Leased Departments Excluded: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Cartier, American Home (Safavieh Home & Carpets), Joseph, Ruggles Grille, Watch and Jewelry Repair.
    EXCLUDED from this discount event:
    · Gift Card purchases and store restaurants are excluded.
    · Fine Jewelry and Watches - All Bvlgari; Cartier; David Yurman jewelry and watches; Stephen Dweck one-of-a-kind and gold items; and Graff white diamond solitaire rings, white diamond stud earrings, white diamond solitaire pendants are excluded from this event.
    · Gifts & Home:Herend, Ercuis, Anna Weatherly and Raynaud; Flair; Dept. 239 – Personalization, are all excluded.
    · The following Ready-to-Wear Designer Women's Collections and Accessories:
    Azzedine Alaia – RTW (all stores)
    Balenciaga –RTW, handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Chanel – RTW, handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Chloe – RTW, handbags and shoes (all stores)
    Comme des Garcons – RTW (all stores)
    Dolce – Handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Fendi – Handbags and shoes (all stores)
    Gucci – RTW, handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Jimmy Choo – handbags, shoes (all stores)
    Junya Watanabe – RTW (all stores)
    Louboutin – handbags, shoes (all stores)
    Manolo Blahnik – shoes (all stores)
    Marni - RTW, handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Miu Miu– Handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    Prada –RTW, handbags, accessories and shoes (all stores)
    St. John Couture – Dept. 751 (NY & BR store)
    Valextra – all merchandise (all stores)
    Vivier – all merchandise (NY)

    · The following Men's Clothing:
    Brioni – Classic Clothing
    Charvet – Ties
    Dolce – all merchandise
    Gucci – Classic Clothing, Dress Shirts, Ties, Shoes & Accessories
    Prada – Classic Clothing, Advanced Sportswear, Shoes & Accessories
    Valextra – all merchandise
    Kiton—all merchandise
    · All merchandise in the Bridal Salon
    · All Women's sunglasses are excluded (Dept. 107).
    · All Cartier and Bvlgari Merchandise
    · Special orders are not included
    · All charity items, including Key To The Cure T-shirts.
  2. so mcqueen is a go!
  3. ah too bad...that's alot of designers that I was hoping would make the list!
  4. Everything I wanted is on the exclusion list. Boo. It seems like last year, they allowed for a lot more to be included in the discount.
  5. all the good stuff is excluded! too bad
  6. :roflmfao: WHAT'S LEFT?
  7. The list would be much shorter as what is included :smile:
  8. No kidding! Saks can save some ink and just print out the Included versus the long list of ultra fine print Exclusions. pfft:yucky:
  9. :yes: what is the f&f discount code?
  10. Well there goes my plan to expand my Manolo collection. Too many exclusions - I can't be bothered to drag myself out there.
  11. at least they are still including bottega & marc jacobs...
  12. haa haa.. i agree!
  13. Thanks for posting, but there's nothing left to buy!
  14. Sheesh, why even bother with F&F with so many exclusions?!
  15. Thanks so much for posting this list! When I called Saks this morning I was quickly informed that Gucci was exluded from the F&F discount. I had no idea however, that the list was so extensive! Everything that I want will be full price. Oh well...maybe next time.