Saks F&F 2007 May 2- May 4 20% off

  1. Does anyone have the code?
  2. there is no code. it's a physical invitation card that gets you the 20% off. although some of the other gals here said they managed to get the discount depending on the SA ringing up the bill. i suppose the SA just kept 1 extra card on hand
  3. anyone know what brands will be include in this event?
  4. is chanel included?
  5. Saks used to have a Friends and Family code that everyone could use online but I think they stopped using one generic code and assigning individual codes on the F&F card as a one time use per customer. I checked with my SA and they are still waiting to hear what the final exclusion list will be for this F&F sale.
  6. please let us know! thanks.
  7. I'm really getting desperate. I want to get the j12 watch but have no F&F coupon ( I know its pathetic) I called Saks and they said that I would need a coupon and they can't do it over the phone. Can anyone help please:shrugs:
  8. Yikes bhurry! I'm so sorry to hear that! So they won't do a purchase & discount over the phone?? That's awful!! :push: Do you live close to any Saks? Maybe you have reserve one and pick it up during F&F event? (Or maybe you can try calling the lady I spoke to at the BH Saks. She sounded really nice and helpful, and didn't ask me for a coupon!! :p)
    I hope someone here has a better advice or can help you out more~ Good luck on your J12 hunt :flowers:
  9. i know chanel jewelry isnt included and other items i can double check when im at work
  10. Does anyone know if Balenciaga is included in F&F???
  11. I wish I lived near a Saks so I could be a Friend and Family member. lol 20% off at Saks is very enticing!

    Does anyone have a super nice SA at their local Saks? Maybe they can be persuaded to give potiontial buyers the F&F 20% off for phone orders. They get credit/commission for the sale, right? Imagine their delight if hundreds of tPFers called in, specifically to buy items from them! That has to be good for sales!
  12. I just got offered by a Saks SA last weekend to receive a call from her when the sale starts. She told me to start a list of things I might need. If she does....I can PM you and hook you two up. I'm pretty sure she would do it...that would be a great commission for her.
  13. Does anyone know how I can get a post card?? or if anyone has an extra one?? Can the post card be used multiple times over these 3 days?
    Anybody planning to go to Troy Somerset mall during the 20% off event?? Can I meet up with you? =)

    Thank you!!!
  14. omg that would be so perfect. I will wait for you to pm me her info or vice versa. Thank you so much:nuts:

  15. ^^ Can I get that SA's info as well?? ;)