Saks extra 25% online!

  1. thats awesome!!!!!!!!!
  2. NM...use spring8 for free shipping.
  3. and for Saks be sure to select "rush" shipping, and then enter code "rushval" for free rush shipping over $150!!!
  4. Did anyone find anything? I didn't find anything. Maybe I am all shopped out from all these great sales.
  5. ohhhhhh, i'm so upset! placed an order for 2 jackets 2 days ago, now the price went down again!!!! $189.61 difference and won't do price adjustment because 'apparently I got the last one on both!!!!:cursing: If thats true, how come the sale prices still showing on the web???:confused1: I thought once they sold out the items, they take down the price.
  6. Maybe they have the jackets in your size. If so, you can buy them now and return the jackets that you bought 2 days ago.
  7. nice! the 2 vince sweaters i ordered yesterday are still the same price, actually. i'm just happy i don't have to go begging for a price adjustment :smile:
  8. I ordered a vince sweater and dress a couple of days ago -- and they wouldn't do a price adjustment. Fortunately they still had my size, so I ordered another set, and will return the first order. What a hassle!:wacko:
  9. I can't. My jackets are all sold out and I actually got a confirmation this morning that my order just left their warehouse last night!!!!:push: