Saks EGC?

  1. can someone please explain to me what this is and how it works? thanks so much!
  2. I just asked the same question! eiffel21 was kind enough to answer it. I have cut and pasted her response to me:

    EGC = Electronic Gift Card. When you spend certain amount, you get a certain amount in gift cards for future use. I believe for $1000 and up you get $150 in EGC. $2000 and up you get $300, and $3000 in up you get $450. Max you can get in the store is $450.
    Saks just had an EGC in Aug. Won't have one in Sept. Maybe Oct?
  3. Ladies, the other great thing with Saks is that when they ship the bag(s) out of state you don't have to pay sales tax, which makes it even sweeter :p
  4. Thank you so much DD101 and eiffel! have a great Sunday!
  5. eiffel, does this hold true even if there's a Saks in my state? My Saks does not carry Chanel, so if I called a Saks in any other state and bought a Chanel bag, would they still ship it without the sales tax?
  6. DD101, that is true. I have quite a lot of Saks in my state, and when Saks from a different state shipped the goods to me, they don't charge sales tax on it.
  7. wow! I didn't know that...
  8. you have to ask for it though because i got tax charged to me and we only have 1 off 5th in my entire state. ask them to ring it up as a gift.
  9. I think it depends on your SA. I deal with Damian at Saks in Bala Cynwid, PA. I don't even have to ask him to ring it up as a gift, he will always make sure that I won't get charged sales tax...
  10. Only SAKS NEW YORK is guaranteed no tax regardless of where you live.
  11. Sorry if this has been answered in another thread, but does anyone know when the next EGC is? I always mark my calendar, then forget gah!
  12. I wonder too.....there won't be one in September since there's Double Points week, and then in October there's said to be Family & I fear that there probably won't be an EGC till November (after the much-dreaded price hikes) :sad:
  13. I was so hoping that there will be an EGC event in Oct... I guess not... :crybaby:
  14. How about tax for watches?
  15. I thought you get double points next week? Isn't that towards EGC? Also, how many times a year do you get your gift coupons and when?