Saks EGC Question

  1. I've been reading through various posts here and have seen some purchase Chanel items through something called a Saks EGC event. I've searched the whole forum to learn more about it and it seems interesting.

    I am just curious when is the next Saks EGC event? I wasn't able to find that answer during my search of the forum. Does it happen every month or is it a random event?
  2. Hi--I am not sure when the next EGC event is. It was pretty frequent there for a while. It seems when it does happen it is usually the last Thursday of the month. I'll call my SA and ask her tomorrow if you don't find out by then.
  3. December 15th
  4. I also have a question. Are the gift cards only good within a certain time frame? Also, are the gift cards good towards the purchase that you're currently making (the purchase that you're making in order to GET the gift card), or is it only good on future purchases.

    Sorry, we don't have Saks EGC here so I like to learn more about it.
  5. Technically, yes -- the gift cards are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. However, if you have a regular SA or a good SA more often than not they'll honor it if even it's past 60 days; all they have to do is call a 1-800 # and re-validate the gift card....very simple step. I think quite a few ladies here have reported their SA's doing this for them.

  6. IS THIS TRUE!?!?! :nuts::nuts::nuts: Is there another EGC event coming this soon!?!? Can anyone else confirm this!?
  7. Spoke with my s.a. Diane about it. Yes, it's true.:smile:
  8. I have $300 GC from October event, can I use my GC card on the EGC event and get another GC? Let's say, on EGC day I purchase total is $2600 minus $300 from EGC = $2300. Do I get $300 GC??
  9. Yws you can use your Oct ECG and it will work as you figured above.
  10. How much do you have to spend to get a GC? :confused1:When I purchased my GST from the Chanel boutique at Saks I only received a gift card for $125. The bag was $1850 at the time. This was in November.
  11. The gift card amount depends on the amount you spend. You had to spend over $2000 to get a $300 gift card (not including tax, shipping, etc.). I bought a med. flap ($1995) and had to add a lip gloss to reach the $2000 mark.

    Very excited that another EGC event is before Christmas!!
  12. i just began to obsess over chanels!!! and i JUST bought a balenciaga a few hours ago.. and now THIS?!?!?! omg!!! i am gonna go broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolx!
  13. Yay! Thanks everyone for your help :smile: I'm going to try to hold out until the next EGC. Just to verify, if I open a Saks credit card account, I should be able to get 10% the purchase, right?
  14. Is it also possible to open a Saks credit card account over the phone? Or is it best to open one online and then make a call to purchase?
  15. no, i was told i can't open an account over the phone, i have to either go to the store or online, which i did online,