saks egc question

  1. what happens to egc gift cards when you return a portion of what you bought was returned. Lets say for the past event, I purchased 3 things but returned 1 of them? how is that treated when i havent used the gift card yet? Do they still work or will you get charged the portion and get bumped down to the value for the other 2 things? TIA for your answers!
  2. From personal experience- if you don't go below the level of purchase total for that gift card you are fine. If the return puts you below the level and you would have gotten a smaller giftcard then they will adjust your gift card (they have the records) OR if you have already used the gift card they will deduct the amount from your return. Does that make any sense???
  3. What Jbcesq posted are the "official" rules, but I have read in this forum that it depends. Not sure what it depends on, since some have said they've returned an entire purchase yet still were able to use their EGC cards.
  4. WOW! That would be awesome! Free money:wlae:
  5. it really depends on the SA who processes your return i think....
  6. My mom bought two chanel bags and ended up geting almost 500 in gift cards from the event. She ended up returning the two bags for another chanel bag AND put the 500 towards to purchase. I thought she was crazy, but she told me that the SA at the chanel counter told her its not a problem. BH Saks, Chanel area...korean lady, haha hope that helps!