Saks EGC Purchases & Bad News for ME!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a longtime lurker... and last week I finally got my first Chanel (black caviar jumbo flap with silver hardware... pics to come when I get home). After much debate, I decided I needed another Chanel fix, and I decided to go with the Black Baby Cabas. I finally picked her up last night at Saks after waiting anxiously all week. It was love at first sight! I also got a wallet... no idea what the name is, but I've attached pics of the Baby Cabas and wallet.

    HOWEVER... I decided to wear her to work today, and all was fine until I got back from lunch and was admiring her. I noticed 2 loose stitches at the very top left corner coming loose, as well as one in the center of the bag near the bottom. I AM SO UPSET!!! I just called my SA to see if I can stop by tonight, and hopefully get an exchange (which I really doubt, because as of yesterday there was one other black baby cabas and it was reserved for someone), or just get something else, but she's out to lunch.


    I REALLY love this bag... but I don't know what to do. I would really like some feedback from other Cabas owners... how is your stitching holding up? Is it worth exchanging for another one (if it's even possible) or should I just forget about this bag all together?

    Should I just go for something completely different?

    SO confused... I just needed to vent... since I'm at work I don't really have anyone here I can talk about this with (no one here would possibly understand why I'm so upset... but I know everyone here on the forum understands!)... and I'm freaking out.

    IMG00118.jpg IMG00117.jpg
  2. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures... I had to take them with my phone since I'm at work. :push:
  3. love your cabas and wallet! sorry to hear about the stitching and hope they have another one that you can exchange.
  4. That sucks! If they don't have another in the store, ask them to order you one. Good luck!
  5. oh dear oh dear, i hope you can change it. i would if i were you. i'm getting my cabas delivered to me and she'll arrive soon, along with a patent jumbo. it's been a verryyy long wait! i hope she'll turn out perfect otherwise i'd be really upset and disappointed. IMO, i always make it a habit to check the bags if i'm buying from the stores to prevent any unnecessary trouble.
  6.! :sad: sorry to hear that.
    I hope they can do the exchange for you...
  7. yes - have her order one from another store.
    I would want my new bag to be perfect!
  8. Congrats on the cabas & patent jumbo!!! Can't wait to see pics. :heart:

    You should have seen how much I checked it out last night (obviously not well enough, lol). My SA was getting a little upset since I was trying to do a very thorough check and taking forever, but I'm always so paranoid of things like this happening.

    I have another 30 minutes to go until she gets back from lunch (time is going by SO SLOW!).

    I'm just so scared of this happening with a new one. Hopefully I'll have a much happier post tonight whenever I get back from Saks.
  9. I had a new white one with loose stitches.
    They heat the end of the stitches on the exterior (not interior)
    of the leather, creating a tiny pinhead ball.
    If/when that breaks or falls off, the stitch unravels.

    I did read here that someone had a black one with this same problem.

    It is sounding like it all depends on who did the top-stitching for bags.
    Overlapping the end and beginning would keep this from happening.
    Or melting the ends on the underside of the leather would also work.
  10. they should have one from another store for you
  11. Have Saks find you another one. You should be 100% happy with your purchase....don't be'll get another one;)
  12. oh no, so sorry to hear about your faulty stiching. if they do not have one in stock for you to exchange it for, then i think that they should order one. fingers crossed this gets resolved asap!
  13. Here is wishing you the best on an easy exchange.:yes:
  14. I am sure you can exchange for another one easily. The baby cabas aren't that hard to come by since the stores received a lot of them from the last shipment. Congrats on getting it anyway and the wallet!
  15. My teal baby cabas has an end of a stitch that is loose and it came that way from NM. It really bothered me at first, but in the end I chose not to let it worry me b/c I just loved the bag so much. I could have sent it back, but then I would have had to go without b/c the teal was so hard to find. Once I decided to let it go I began to enjoy my bag so much. The stitch hasn't gotten worse either, so it's holding up well. If you really think you can't get over it, then it's probably best to return it if they can't find an exchange.