Saks Egc Event!

  1. PF member DJO( also a Saks SA!) posted this in the CHanel forum..but I thought you would ALL like to know!
    On Jan 11 ONLY!!!,Saks is having their Gift Card event..where if you buy a certain get a free gift card.Last time I did it -I got a 300 GC for a Chanel bag purchase!..LOL! I plan on buying a Prada bag this time!!!
  2. Thanks for posting this!
  3. Thanks for sharing. =)
    My local Saks doesn't have Chanel. =(
  4. Yay!!!
  5. Do you know if you have to use your SFA CC to get the GC's or can you use a regular CC?
  6. do you know how the gift card amounts work? if you purchase a certain minimum, you'll receive this amount, etc?

    and are there any limits to the gift card/coupon, like what you can use it on? or is it a "normal" gift card that works on anything and anytime?

  7. Purchase ----- GC amount
    250-499 ---> 25
    500-999 ---> 50
    1000-1999 ---> 125
    2000-2999 ---> 300
    3000 or more ---> 450
  8. Normal GC anywhere anytime before expiration. =)
  9. thanks, oahctrec!
  10. You guys abbreviate way too much! I really must be new.
  11. Wow Jill!

    $300 GC is alotta money! So basically, pay up for your first bag, then you can get a gift card good on your next mortgage, I mean purse! haha...

    Sounds good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the post!!! :p
  12. If my local Saks doesn't carry Chanel can I call them to order one and have it shipped? Also, do you have to use a Saks credit card?
  13. hubby may kill me for this.....thank you
  14. Not sure if everyone knows, this is not just for Chanel purchases.
  15. Typically, you have to use the Saks CC or Saks MC (Mastercard).