Saks EGC Event

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  1. Starts on thursday in-stores, online today and tomorrow![​IMG]
    Is anyone going to get something from Prada/Miu Miu?
  2. rensky! can't see the attachment!!
  3. Do you have to use a Saks CC to take advantage of the EGC event?
  4. at the risk of sounding REALLY stupid..what is EGC?
  5. To answer your questions ladies... :smile:

    You do not need to use a Saks CC to qualify/receive/take advantage of those EGCs


    EGC means Electronic(?) Gift Certificate

    Pls correct me if I'm wrong, ladies. =)
  6. my SA told me i need to have Saks CC in order to be eligible for EGC???
    but anyway..she lets me get it today!
  7. really? I've bought stuffs during EGC Events and I never had to use a Saks card (I don't have one anyways LOL)
  8. maybe i should ask my SA tonight when i get my bag!!
  9. ^ I think I'm going to go check too ... I will let ya'll know if I come back with anything! :graucho:
  10. Okay, I'm back from Saks! The SA told me that anyone (even if you do not have a Saks CC) can get the EGC on Thursday if you spend the required amount. But if you use a Saks CC you can do a "pre-sale" - purchase items today and tomorrow and then pick up your ECG on Thursday.

    I did end up getting something - pictures to follow soon!
  11. wow that was fast! i'm going in about 30 minutes....thanks for the clarification!
  12. omg!!!!!! i am getting something new tomorrow!!!
  13. DO tell!!!!!!! Spill! What are y'all's new purchases???!! lol
  14. omg!!! i can pick the bag up tonight!
  15. So exciting rensky - I can't wait to see what you got! :yes:

    I'm about to post my pictures ... :graucho: