Saks EGC event

  1. Happy New Year Everyone!

    Just received the heads up on the next EGC event at Saks...
    It is Thursday January 17th.

    Happy Shopping!
  2. yay thank you!
  3. I'm new. And ignorant. What's EGC?
  4. Electronic Gift Card, You Spend A Certain Amount And Get A Gc. Its A Great Deal!
  5. Happy New Year to all on TPF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Electronic Gift Card
  6. Does it apply on sale items?
  7. yes! it includes sales items too. the EGC card is only valid 60 days after issued, but some SA can waive that for you ^^
  8. I just purchased some boots by CL for $1300 from Saks. Perhaps I should return them and purchase them again after the event? :shrugs: If I recall correctly, I can get a $100 GC, no?
  9. ^It depends, did you get the CL boots on sale? Are they the latest craze and hard to find? If not, then yes I'd return them. Always hold off any major purchases until EGC, the $450 git card ($3,000 purchase top level) is very niiiiiice to have and easily attained when you buy a Chanel bag and a pair of CL.

    The only purchases not included that I know of are Vuitton items, those do not count towards EGC (at least my experience in the past). But Chanel does count :graucho:
  10. :yes:
  11. I purchased the bourge zeppas at retail. I would be willing to risk returning them and buying again it if it means I can walk away with gift card. I know most SAs will issue a GC for charge and ships if I can't find it online or at a nearby store. I am on a ban so the more GCs the better. I am not sure how long I can last. :lol:

  12. oh do you happen to know if they will also have double points any time soon?
  13. Thanks 4kings!
  14. does it include Louis vuitton purchase?
  15. ^^^ No