Saks EGC event

  1. Saks will have the EGC on 07/26/07. :yahoo: Is Chanel included in this event, anyone knows? :confused1: Happy shopping!

    Spend some Get some

    $250 to $499 ----------------------------------> $25

    $500 to $900 ----------------------------------> $50

    $1000 to $1999 --------------------------------> $100

    $2000 to $2999 --------------------------------> $300

    $3000 or more ----------------------------------> $450
  2. yes chanel is included
  3. Does anyone know if sales tax is included in the totals or is it based on actual purchase price? Thanks!
  4. I believe correct me if I am wrong but sales tax and shipping is not included in the Total for the Saks EGC event.:tdown: (but I do think it should be)
  5. If I remember correctly, what u said is true...
  6. If you return somthing, do you still get to keep the gift card?

  7. They reserve the right to deny the return without the gift card. Usually depends on the purchase price and the SA. I have seen them (in jewelry) deny a return without the $450 GC.
  8. Do you need a Saks card?
  9. Nope
  10. Is cosmetics purchase included in the EGC event? thanks.

  11. Thanks. Another quesiton, does this include online purchases?
  12. yes. both online and in-store
  13. Yes, online is included, they will have a code to enter. It is seperate from any in store purchases though.
    Cosmetics are included. As far as I know, everything except LV.
  14. yes it is!

  15. they are not in the business in giving away "free money", so YES your card will be taken back and if you have already used it prior to the return, they will deduct it from what you return. Also, the reciept is stamped that you got a gift card with the purchase, they are really cracking SA told me they have flagged accounts that are returning during this event.