Saks EGC event!

  1. What's everybody getting?

    Anybody already have holds on merchandise for Thursday?
  2. I purchased a Chanel Bag and Patent Wedges ... still thinking about the rain boots:drool:
  3. oh i lovvve the rainboots.

    which bag did you get?
  4. Im thinkin on the expandable flap in camel color...LOL..BUT I just bought a Prada gauffre this week already..TRYING to be good..but...............

    Who knows????LOL!
  5. possibly a black cerf tote. still deciding.
  6. I got the small Rock and Chain in black. It is the one for the wrist and is trés elegant. I am having it sent so am saving tax to justify the purchase!!!!! I saw it is red but think the black is just so classic. :yahoo:
  7. I got a Black luxury metalic bowler!!! And A modern chain flap in black. I'm soo excited!
  8. I have a J12 38mm with diamond bezel on hold and a also a CC silver tote~ :smile:

    Just wondering if I will be able to receive "two gift cards" if both items were to be purchased seperately (on different receipts)? Does anyone know?
    I'll be opening a Saks CC on the 26 (in order to get the 10% off since J12s are no longer included in the F&F this year :crybaby:)

    Does anyone know if the max. gift card amount of $450 is limited to "per customer" or "per receipt"? TIA!
  9. ^ I think its per reciept.

    How much is the J12 with diamond bezel now?
  10. I'm getting the Red Caviar Jumbo, and the Navy Patent Wedges ... I'm so freaking excited! Yes the boots are so cute and the price is very reasonable.:smile:

  11. The max you can get is 450.00. I beilve you can only get one card. Check the website, they explain it better.
  12. You can work around it, by doing two seperate transactions and then taking one reciept at a time to the table to redeem your certificate at two different times ie. like in the morning and then going back for your other purchse 1hr later...
  13. u can get more than one GC if u go to diff stores too..LOL
  14. LOL you ladies have me cracking up!
  15. i got the expandable flap in the camel beige. YAY! i'm so excited.