Saks EGC Event TODAY (what did you pick up or are you expecting)???

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  1. I know many of you may not have pics or even have the items in your possession right now, for those who had items sent to them from another Saks, etc...

    Just would love to hear what people are waiting for :smile:

    I got during this Saks EGC

    1. Khaki Python Clutch (got it already)

    2. Lady Braid Tote in Black (got it already)

    3. Paris Biarritz burgundy/bordeax in the shiny fabric (on its way to me)

    4. Paris Biarritz black in the shiny fabric (on its way to me)

    5. CC Charms necklace (on its way to me)

    **Also have a little fur surprise that should be coming next week, sent in some other EGCs that I had leftover to use on this lil guy, will show pics when they are all here and I have some time btw travels, visitors and my trip back to LA :smile:
  2. Oooohh, can't wait to see your pics!

    All I'm waiting for from this egc is the all black Paris Biarritz travel carryon. I tried to explain in great detail to my SA how it is shaped like a satchel or a bowler, but H-U-G-E, with a top zipper closure. Not sure if she got the right one, she said it is(she insisted it only has one handle???!!)...makes me nervous, I hope it's what I'm looking for!
  3. I got my '08 In & Out Large Flap bag in Black Glazed Lambskin. I'll post pics later.
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    uh oh...i think you got the duffel tote...not the actual tote with 2 shoulder strap got the single strap duffel thats more e/w in shape

    my SA was confused too and for the longest time we were back and forth and i tried to send her pics, etc...and finally i understood what she meant and that she almost sent me the duffel but luckily we caught this mistake in time and she cancelled that one and sent me the correct one

    cos the duffel is called a tote too i think and has 2 outside pockets too...

    the huge one you want is 1650 USD for the 07 Paris Biarritz bags I think...Saks BH still has that, call Gail if you'd like

    310 887 5355

    Tell her Cory sent ya...but right now the Saks BH number seems to keep ringing on and on, someone else said they are still open but I guess they're just super busy???

    For some reason I think this is the one you got:


    And this one on the left is the one you wanted in the travel size tote?
  5. Hey Cory, thanks for the heads up. Do you have any idea how big the duffel tote is? Because I do want the PB with what I think has shorter strap handles, not shoulder length KWIM? But you're saying this one is more e/w in long as it is the largest travel sized PB w/zip closure it's ok I suppose. Yarrgghh, I'm really kicking myself for not inspecting the one I saw in Paris!!! This one she's sending me is USD14++ not sure of the exact amount.

    And I have no pictures for reference to send her, GRRR!!! I'm thinking it's a ginormous bowler shaped carryon? Anyone? Help!
  6. Please post pics when you get this bag. I was not a huge PB fan, but I do love this bag in this color. Congrats on your purchases. You got some great things!
  7. oh I can't wait to see the pics :smile:
  8. My darn camera needs to be recharged, or I'd have pictures- but I snagged a black PST, a gorgeous crystal camelia bracelet, and a pair of interlocking CC crystal earrings. And when I got home, I promptly handed my CC to my husband so I couldn't get into any more trouble, LOL!
  9. I finally order my GST in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware...kinda wishing for the 227 Grey Reissue though lol.
  10. I'm excited...I got the washed caviar GST in black with silver hardware. I get to go pick it up from BH tomorrow! I couldn't get out there today :sad:
  11. I'm waiting for my 1st reissue- black metallic with black HW big size 227(??) from SAKS Beverly Hills. I'm so excited, can't wait.... Since it's $2850, I had to ask my SA to get me La Mer eye concentrate for $160 in order to get $450 gift card. Yahhoooo!!!
  12. i'm back to Chanel ladies! lol, was hidding after the last huge hual, but caved in when i swing by Saks.....large camera bag in black....felt for gray at first, then the black grew on me. Will post pix when BF is not looking hehe.
  13. I got NOTHING..but its OK..Im a ATlantis in the im happy on the beach !!LOL!No EGC for me!Im being good...sigh!
  14. For me, I got:
    1. 07A Bubble Quilt Green Small Hobo Flap @ US$2595
    2. 08Fall Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Amerena Color @ US$1195
    3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau Du Parfum Spray (3.4 fl oz) @ US$110

    Applied US$350 gift card total for the No. 2 and No. 3 purchases. Hope to get these bags in 2 weeks time. Will post pics then. ;)
  15. Have fun! Atlantis is a really great place to stay. Which tower are you staying? I stayed at Royal Tower last June and had a blast...
    The next EGC event will be waiting for you when you are back...