Saks EGC Event March 22

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  1. Saks will have their next EGC (Electronic Gift Card) event on Thursday, March 22.
  2. Does that seem a little soon to anyone else? The last EGC event was just February 22.
  3. They have been doing them every month since December..
  4. I'm not complaining. whooohoooo! chanel here i come!
  5. Sorry, new to this. What is the ECG event?
  6. Yippee:yahoo: Thank you for the info!
  7. A Saks SA told me that there is a gift card event on Saturday, March 10. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. great info. thanks-
  9. They're usually on Thursdays, som I'm not sure about the 10th...
  10. I also have no idea what an egc event is. Can someone explain?
  11. I heard about one also on March 10. I think it's just at the Saks in NYC.
  12. just double checked with Saks and the EGC event for march will be on 3/22!!! Get ready ladies :smile:!
  13. Is it just regular Saks or are the outlets included. Thanks!
  14. YESS!!!!!:nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo: My SA put aside some goodies for me already, can't wait to go see it!!!!
  15. EGC event aka "Spend Some, Get Some" where qualifying purchases receive gift cards in amounts that correspond with the total spent.