SAKS EGC event is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hello girls! the moment we've all been waiting for is here. The EGC event starts today ONLINE only and this Thursday, the 21st IN STORE/ONLINE:

    When you spend: You get:

    $250-$499 $25
    $500-$999 $50
    $1000-$1999 $100
    $2000-$2999 $300
    $3000 plus $450

    What is everyone else getting to take advantage of this?????? I've ordered my c'est moi booties
  2. Oh, I am sooo banned... and it is so hard!!!!
  3. i wish they had the new simples in my size at saks, but they don't....else this would be perfect chance to pick up a pair.
  4. Hmm this is great, I still haven't used the giftcard they sent me from last time's event.
  5. Mags, you are the bearer of good (empty wallet) news...
  6. I am trying to be good this week, LOL!