Saks EGC event-again!

  1. If you missed out on this last one like I did (stupid bank issues) do not fear! My SA said they're having another EGC event in August-so start saving your pennies and beat the price increase in September!

    Or if you were lucky enough to take advantage, save your GC for the next event and get even more savings :biggrin:

    -Your friendly neighborhood enabler :p
  2. thanks for the heads up, yikes I gotta save!
  3. Thanks so much for the info.. any dates yet?
  4. Oooh wow! I am definately taking advantage of this one!!!
  5. its always the last THURS of the month
  6. I was told August 23.
  7. Thanks for the great info, I cannot wait!
  8. How many EGCs do they have in a year?

  9. You're such a riot!!! I love it!
    BTW, I think I read that Saks didn't have a profitable year in 2006, but I bet all these EGC events are going to push them over the top in 2007.
    OTOH, I wonder if enough people keep things on hold and then purchase everything on the EGC days
    whether it defeats Saks's purpose?
    I know I tend to buy more during these events.
  10. Heehee-thanks! I think the markup is enough so they can profit even with the EGCs...I honestly don't know how they do it though, the only thing I got this go 'round was two Coach patent ergo hobo bags. Now here's the kicker. These bags are still on the coach website for $458 and Saks had them for $182! And because of all my issues and me NOT getting the Chanel I wanted, they gave me a $50 GC instead of the $25 I should have gotten. So I basically got $920 worth of bags for $370 PLUS $50 whatever I get next. The markup has to be unimaginable for them to be able to make money. It really makes me cringe-doesn't stop me from buying mind though-haha!
  11. YAY!!! :yahoo:
  12. I wish my Saks carried chanel! Just LV and they aren't included :sad:
  13. sphere~ Just call one that does :yes:
  14. i got a feeling before that another one is coming hahaha...yay yay
  15. I'd love to know the markup as well. Anyone in retail have an idea?
    I always thought the stores buy clothes from the manufacturers at say, $100. and then sell it for $400., thus even if they have a 50% markdown sale and sell at $200, they are still making money. But I have no idea if that's the truth!