Saks EGC December 15...

  1. Can someone post how this works once again, with updated reward amounts? TIA!
  2. From online, catalogs or in stores.

    Spend$ome get$ome

    $250 to $499 ............$25.00

    $500 to $999 ............$50.00

    $1,000 to $1,999 ...........$100.00

    $2,000 to $2,999 ...........$300.00

    $3,000 or more...............$450.00

    Happy shopping
  3. If I can tie this in with the presale taht would be wonderful.......thx for the heads up. I'll call my SA tomorrow to see when he'll charge my card.
  4. is LV included? I think they were, but i'm not quite sure. TIA!
  5. From what I've heard, LV is not included. =(
  6. What presale? let us know:heart:H

  7. DUH!!!am I out of it or what.....asking what presale.......I already presaled for the EGC...sorry for my total stupidity......:heart:H
  8. LV never included
  9. Can you get both the EGC and double points on your Saks points program ( not sure what this is called) through the Saks credit card?

    I ordered a bag last Friday ($1980) and got double points. Now I am wondering if I should have waited for the EGC on 12/15.
  10. I don't know if you can get both, but, deciding whether to wait for EGC or double points would depend on what you have spent during the year?- if you have spend enought that the double points brings you a good return at the end of the year that would be the way to go, if on the contrary, you have not spent that much, then at least with EGC you would get something., you can call my SA, Lazara at dadeland mall 305-6628655 ext 355 and pose the question.....she would let you know.:heart:H

  11. Gee. u guys should have just pm'd for the question. Anyway saks 2nd cut always begins day after xmas. Additional 50% off from 8am-12pm and 40% off thereafter.

    I have close ties to a SA that will do a presale for me as early as 8-9 days before 26th. This thing is kinda pushing it...but if he does it for me and charges me on date of presale then I can pull through with the EGC at the presale price which basically allows me to double dip into two promotional events. Unless you are really close to a SA at saks I know u won't be able to pull it off....b/c I'm quite sure this event is outside of the presale dates.
  12. sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but is Chanel included in EGC events? what other major brands are always excluded?
    thank you!
  13. I am confused., if the second cut is on the 26th and EGC day is on the 15th, when do you presale to take advantage of both events?-:heart:H

  14. Ladies~ ECG is today, 12/14!!!