Saks EGC day!

  1. (online only)

    This one snuck up on me, but the code for today is FEBRUARY8B -

    $250-$499 = $25 GC
    $500-$999 = $50 GC
    $1000-$1999 = $100 GC
    $2000-$2999 = $300 GC
    $3000+ = $450 GC

    Happy shopping!
  2. I wish they would have one in stores soon!
  3. I *think* the next in-store one is March 13.
  4. I called Customer Service and they said there is nothing on the calendar for EGC in March:sad:

    I really, really hope they are wrong! They did say that last-minute events can happen, like the online EGC. No one knew about this in advance...
  5. ^Don't pay too much attention to them. Often times we know of deals well ahead of the sales associates and customer service, wouldn't be surprised at all that they simply are not aware.

    When I called my local Saks today inquiring whether stores were doing the EGC that was going on today online, the operator started arguing with me, swearing up and down that didn't have EGC going on today. I said, check it out yourself, go to the website and see for yourself. I stayed on the phone and I could hear her typing on the keyboard. Anyway, she did check it out and, guess what, she admitted to me they weren't aware of the online EGC. And I know who answered the phone was the assistant to the store manager, so there, they were not even informed.