Saks EGC card can be used on?

  1. I will be receiving a $300 EGC from the purchase of my new Chanel bag, can you use Saks EGC gift cards on Vuitton?? I know Saks Vuitton department is leased out so it does not apply for the 10% off when you open a Saks card...

    Also, my Chanel bag that I did a charge send for came with a letter from the SA that the EGC will be mailed to me but orginally the SA said it should come with my bag, did this happen to anyone else?
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  2. Yes, u can use ur EGC to purchase a LV but u will not get an EGC on a Vuitton purchase at Saks Bala Cynwyd,Pa. My Egc was with my purchase when I picked it up so I don't know if they send them sep when ur purchase is mailed.Sorry!
  3. I used an EGC card on a LV agenda at Saks in NYC.
  4. Great! The EGC from my new Jumbo will mostly finance a new Vuitton wallet then!