Saks EGC April 26th

  1. Hey everyone,

    I know we've all been anxious to find out whether Saks will have another EGC event this month...well, I just spoke to my SA and she told me yes :yahoo: and its going to be on Thursday, April 26. Enjoy!
  2. may I ask what is EGC and how does it work?
  3. can you earn EGC's from purchasing Louis Vuitton? and can it also be redeemed on LV items?

  4. EGC = Electronic Gift Card. I believe this is Saks "Spend More, Get More" You earn a gift card with a certain amount on it back depending on how much you spend during the event. HTH!
  5. EGCs are electronic gift cards as aforementioned.They also call the event, "Spend some Get some". During the last EGC they used the following table:
    Get: When you spend:
    $25 $250-499
    $50 $500-999
    $150 $1000-1999
    $300 $2000-2999
    $450 $3000 or More
    They usually do free shipping online during this event.

    As you could probably can tell, I am a faithful Saks girl!
    Triple points is 4/12-4/14:yes:
  6. AND ... if you open a Sak's credit card that day you get 10% off also!!


    spend $2500 and get $250 off PLUS a Gift Card for $300 :yahoo:

    Oh!!! and you might not have to pay any Tax either if you have it shipped (depending on where you live)
  7. Yes, the tax thing is really a money saver! Shipping is usually fast and around $15.