Saks EGC and ONE DAY 40% off sale?

  1. Hii,

    Does anyone know when the next Saks EGC event will be after this one in October this upcoming week?

    Also, will there be anymore ONE DAY 40% off sales which they had earlier this spring and it was like on most designers including dolce & gabbana, etc.


  2. I just got a mailing for EGC on the 18th, it doesn't look as good as the last one but like $125 when you spend $1,000..... last one was $150 with $1,000.
  3. I heard from a Saks SA on Saturday that they will be having a triple points event on November 9th for those who collect Saks points
  4. ^^thanks everyone for your reply...but there wont be anymore Private Designer Day sales? Like for 40% off one day?
  5. Can someone please explain the EGC to me? Sorry, I live in the "boonies".
  6. i think it's EGC - Electronic Gift Card.

    you will get a gift card for what you spent, the amount varies but more you spend, more amount of gift card you get. you can use this gift card both online or in store.
  7. Does anyone have any codes for saks?
  8. If you sign up for their mailing list, you get 10% off!
  9. I don't think they ever did 40% off.. maybe 20%, but not 40%! At least not for a F&F anyway... They'll do 40% if it's during the clearance sales.
  10. Calisnoopy: where did you hear about the Private Designer Day sale? This past May Neiman Marcus had a Private Designer Day. might that be what you're thinking about?

  11. ^^ Saks had a one day 40% off too just like NM...or maybe 2 days, I think it was one day. I was there, thats how I knew about it and I received fliers...people even posted about it on TPF.

    I called a Saks SA in NYC store and they told me its twice a year, so once in spring and once in fall. (doesnt include LV, Chanel, Gucci handbags etc) but it did include RTW clothing from Chloe, D&G, but again not its selected pieces.