Saks EGC - A Tote becomes ....

  1. I went to the EGC on Thursday intending to just get the Red Expandable Tote. Little did I know the Tote will expand into these...
    IMG_0947.jpg IMG_0948.jpg IMG_0954.jpg IMG_0956.jpg IMG_0960.jpg
  2. wow! your such a cute pregnant women!!! the bags look great on you
  3. The timeless clutch was previously bought.
    I'm still awaiting a classic caviar black card case to be sent to me from another Saks...
    So my haul becomes:
    1. Red Expandable Tote
    2. Black GST w/ Silver hw
    3. Black Classic Caviar Long Wallet
    4. Black Caviar Card Case
    5. Dangling Pearl Earrings

    Also awaiting my Black metallic Reissue 226 and CC Crystal Earrings from a Chanel boutique... will post more pics then :p
    IMG_0966.jpg IMG_0968.jpg IMG_0972.jpg
  4. Gorgeous bags, congrats! Can I ask how tall you are? I'm 5'2 and tried on the expandable tote and thought it hung a bit too low on me but I just adore the style...looks great on you!
  5. Wow! Those bags look hot on you! Enjoy and congrats on the bags and especially your baby!
  6. Thanks! ;)
  7. Wow! Congrats on your new bag and your incoming baby! How I wish I was as hot as you are when you're already 34 weeks pregnant! LOL!
  8. Thank you, I'm 5' tall. After seeing Jill with the tote, I really like it! A tote works much better for me when there's one more coming along (already have a 2 yr old boy :p). I really love it!!
  9. LOL! Didn't you know Saks is evil? Those bags are beautiful. I really like those earrings and I love that Red!
  10. taygalchi: Thanks!
    iqaganda: Hehe, thank you. You look really wonderful too in your modeling pics. Well, all preggies should look gorgeous, right?
  11. Among all, I love those earrings the most. I wanted the crystal earrings initally. She said there isn't any in stock... however, there is another pair and when she bought it out, I'm like... wow, pearls :yahoo: - my FAVORITE!!

    yeah, Saks is so evil ... I'm thinking of calling my SA tomorrow to let her know of my intended wishlist... just in case any of those comes up.. hehe :p
  12. it all! congrats!
    and all the best with your coming baby!
    (these kids are sure lucky to have such a stylin' mama!)
  13. You look super cute with both bags! It's nice to see the expandable on a shorter girl. I'm 5'2" and was worried about the length.
  14. You look totally Fab :woohoo:And love your red tot
  15. May I ask the price on the wallet and what it looks like inside? (# of credit card slots, room for a checkbook, loose change, etc.)