Saks EGC + 10% off?

  1. Does anyone know if Saks allows you to combine an EGC promotion with 10% off for opening a Saks credit card?
  2. I'm pretty sure the 10% doesn't apply to LV.
  3. Oh really? Bummer. I know it applies to Chanel.
  4. Bloomingdales LOUIS VUITTON does... not sure about Saks Fifth Avenue....., BUT I'm pretty sure because Louis Vuitton accepts Saks First Giftcards. You might want to call and make sure.
  5. No 10% off in LV, Chanel does get the 10% when u open a card. Yes they let you combine the deals, the EGC is based on the 10% off price though...if you have to have it shipped out of state to a state w/out Saks then you also do not have to pay tax.
  6. Could someone confirm if Bloomingdales offers discounts? That is really unusual if they do since Louis Vuitton has no discounts period.. just lots and lots of price increases. :push:
  7. There was a thread on here a while back on how a member got like 10 or 15% off at Vuitton when they opened up a Bloomies account.....
  8. wow...Someone confirm this please. I would open an account ASAP if there's 10% off.We all need that discount since there's a price increase.
  9. With SAKS no 10% off LV when opening an account. I was in that exact situation in December and was told no, so I did not open one!
  10. I really don't know how much truth was in this thread.... I just remember reading it a while ago. I guess the only way to find out is to call Bloomies and ask. I'm going to call and ask them right now.....

    Well, I just called LOUIS VUITTON Bloomies in SCP and they said No.

    So it's now confirmed.
  11. I IM Saks website few weeks ago asking about this and they said YES.
    Open a new account and 10% applies to everything including LV.