Saks ECG Question!

  1. If I open a Saks card and Purchase a chanel bag on July 26th for the Saks ECG event would I be able to use the $300 gift certificate to pay for this same bag once I get the Saks credit card statement in the mail??
  2. No, it's for the next purchase....
  3. Plus, I don't think any gift cards can be applied to your Saks credit card balance
  4. if you can't use the gift cards on a purchase with your Saks acrd how do u use the gift cards then??
  5. on another purchase after that in the store, think you can't even use the card online or phone-order.
  6. Saks gift cards can be used online at (you have to type in all the codes and the "PIN" number) or for 1-800 phone orders (covers inventory for and catalog orders), but not when you call a store to order over the phone.
  7. Oh really? You wouldnt be able to use the gift card on an order placed over the phone...hmm I don't think that would work for me since I don't give near any Saks store and prefer to do a phone order to save the tax!
  8. I usually mail my gift card to my SA in advance and she applies it to my purchase.
  9. You can use it online, but you have to call it in. After the last event, I went to use mine online. It would not accept it electronically, so I called the 800 # on the site and they processed the order. Good luck...
  10. Does anyone remember what the amounts were for spending to get the giftcards?
  11. Searched and found it!

    $250 to $499 is $25
    $500 to $999 is $50
    $1000 to $1999 is $150
    $2000 to $2999 is $300
    $3000 or more is $450