Saks ECG in some stores today + 2x Points

  1. I posted then in the Steals & Deals thread, where there is much discussion & confusion. I found out some Saks stores are doing a special ECG today and there are double points on Saks card purchased from today through Sunday. It is supposed to be in honor of the Super Bowl. The ECG appears to be in stores only as there is no mention of it on My SA at the NYC store told me about it. Folks who have asked on line about a the ECG have been told no, and everyone who has been told there is one today has spoken with a store SA. Yes, I know I am enabling :angel:
  2. no way!!!!!!!!!
  3. so wait, the NY store is doing it? man oh man.
  4. is the saks in beverly hills having it too?
  5. Saks NYC and Chicago are not doing EGC, only Double Points. I have SAs all over the nation and was only called and informed of the Double Points.

    I'm not saying I couldn't be wrong, but it's not in Saks' history to run those two events at the same time.

    Also, I don't see Saks doing this anyways b/c as is they already decreased the EGC to $100 instead of the previous $150 when the purchase is over 1K. NOT COOL. LOL

    Prove me wrong b/c I would be ecstatic if they were doing EGC AND Double Points. However, my SA assured me that the same promos run in all Saks locations nationwide.
  6. I was told that after the last EGC event that they wouldn't have another for at least 2 months. If this is true i'm bolting over to my BH Saks as soon as i have time!!!

    -They are having double points until sunday...and consolidation sale starts on the 7th.
  7. I just called saks BH and the SA told me they are NOT having the EGC and according to her none of the saks are doing it either. she said they all run the same promotions and that they won't be having the EGC for a couple more months.
  8. does Saks Boca have the EGC going on too?
  9. I just came back from my local Saks to pick up the shoes that I had on pre-sale for double points. There is no EGC event at Saks in NYC, only double points.
    I too was suprised about EGC and double points since the last EGC event happened just 2 weeks ago and from what I've notced over the past few years that Saks has been running this promotion is that they generally do it the second or third Thursday of every month so I wouldn't expect them to do 2 events in one month.
    But who knows, after the accounting scandal that Saks experienced last year, they have really stepped up their promotions in order to increase sales and inventory turns.
  10. Ladies, I'm telling you call Saks Phoenix. They are having EGC until SUNDAY. This is a fact. I was there yesterday. And today. I got an EGC. I honestly think it is because of the Superbowl- this town is going crazy! I thought at first it was only double points too, but all my receipts have the EGC counting thing on it to tell the person how much qualifies (KWIM?) If you want some CLs call Ann!