Saks ecg event in april

  1. When I was in Saks earlier today my SA told me that Saks will be having another ecg event on april 20. If you spend over 1000.00 you receive a gift card for 100.00. If you spend over 2000.00 then you receive a gift card for 300.00.
  2. are gonna get me in trouble!!! LOL! I got my chanel at the last EGC event....hmmmm!!!
  3. can you get things online?
  4. Anyone know when Saks friends and family is coming back??? :nuts: :nuts:
  5. yes-itbag-you can use the code online will show up on the home page of the 20th!
  6. can you use it on top of the 10% saks discount?
  7. Only one discount per purchase..
  8. I never participated Saks ecg event. Can anyone tell me how to get the ecg from Saks. Thanks
  9. thanks for the info!
  10. Great info thanks!

    kool2327: If you shop in store on the ecg day, you get gc's after you make purchases--I think most stores have you take all your receipts up to customer service. If you shop online, there will be a code for you to enter and you'll get the gc's mailed to you. Hope that info helps!
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