Saks ECG event coming on Feb 11

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  1. I called saks for something and the SA told me that ECG will be on Thursday Feb 11.
  2. :woohoo: just in time for v-day!
  3. what's the point when every designer is excluded?
  4. exactly.
  5. plus no more tax savings either, boo :tdown:
  6. What are the savings?
  7. Can you clarify?
  8. ^it's been posted and confirmed by many SA different PFer working with :sad:
  9. How was there tax savings in the first place anyway? I'm confused:P
  10. i agree... i only buy designer from saks .
  11. :P,can any one explain it?
  12. it used to be if you order from an out state Saks, it ships tax free regardless if you have a Saks/Off5th in your local state.
  13. Oh thats RIGHT. I remember that. But they are not doing it anymore? Thats sucks
  14. not as of yesterday :crybaby: it used tobe tax free, plus chanel w/EGC....ah the good days has gone by~
  15. ^^Darnit. Does LV count with EGC? I'm eyeing a new LV bag
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