Saks Early Bird Sale

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  1. Just got back from the Saks store in NYC and they're having 1) an additional 40% off of already reduced items throughout...2) they're also having presale of 40% off original price for other items and 3) there are other stuff that are just straight 40% off

    NOTE: add'l 40% off of already reduced 40% is only until noon of the weekend it's be only 25% add'l off of 40%

    bags - nothing I saw were on sale for premium designers
    shoes - not worth going, barely anything on sale, no presale signs either
    clothes - yes, should definitely check out
    jeans - citizens, 25% off!
  2. Thanks, I was thinking about going to SAKS but only for designer bags. I think I will wait.
  3. MY saks SA said some designers bags will go on sale NOV 29th..nothing went on sale but 3 really ugly Celine bags
  4. Thanks, I wonder if any of the Gucci will be on sale.
  5. Aw, it's already noon. :cry:
  6. don't be sad Pewter. I went there and got two burberry jackets for my husband and dad. nothing for me. I will go out later today for myself :yes: after fixing bethroom water pressure. :sweatdrop: super will come soon, I hope.
  7. hey rand i was there too! got there about 9-9:30 ish. it was a little disappointing. the handbag area was nuts and there was nothing good!

    got a ton of tory burch clothing- mostly 40% extra off the sale prices. got a dress and jacket for just 40% off. not bad but i wish it was cheaper!

    the shoes- there was pretty much nothing on sale! and the designers i usually love like nanette lepore and dvf- pretty much nothing on the racks. hardly any dvf on sale and nanette had some just 40% off and very little on the extra 40 rack.

    i went to gucci and asked about a sale. she was SO not into telling me anything. she said something vague about next week and i asked if the abbey was going to be on sale and she said no, something like only the regualr bags. i don't know- seriously she was so vague.
  8. i have a sneaking suspicion that there may be a sale next week. however, i did ask the sa at the purse area about YSL muse bags or any of the other premium designer bags, she was nice and said no, they wouldn't be on sale, even before xmas. she did mention that there may be a FEW selected premium ones on sale after xmas.

    however, i got a notice in the mail that the first cut sale begins on 11/29, so it may not hurt to go check it out, cuz i'll be there! :smile:
  9. check my Gucci/Prada/Jimmy Choo thread. My mom presold the white leather hobo for 40 percent off at Saks.

    at least 15 styles on Presale...