SAKS dropped the price again!!!!!!!

  1. but i am going to wait for the second cut after christmas
  2. same here, it only a week away for the additonal 50% off sales, i can wait for that......
  3. ^I am also waiting for next week
  4. Oh yeah! The 26th!
  5. Is Saks' Second Cut the same as Final Cut? Or is Final Cut like a Third Cut (after First Cut and Second Cut)? I remember last year there was an additional 25% (I think) off sale items, but I don't remember if this was Dec 26 or much later like January or February. Can anyone please shed some light on this? Thanks in advance!
  6. ^ second cut and final cut are two seperate sales
  7. The Second cut on the 26th is it in store and online? An additional 50% seems to be a really good deal. I could get into lots of trouble. :tup:
  8. do you know if they are doing presales?? i'm leaving the country tomorrow!! argg i hate missing holiday sales.
  9. Someone please inform if the extra 50% is online too. Please :nuts:
  10. ROFL I hear ya!!!!!!!!:tup::heart:h

  11. yes, online before 12:00 pm and then change to 40% off

  12. do the offer price adjustments?
  13. Unless u are basically at a friend level with a SA u'll never get a price adjustment....

    U probably got a decent cahnce if it's 3-4 days b4 the final cut but what's the point anyway when u can presale it then.

    I've already come back from my presale :smile: My SA buddy let me do it yesterday b4 anyone else~
  14. Wow--extra 50%!!!?
    Sigh... I'm going to be in San Francisco the weekend after Christmas and I have a feeling I'm going to miss all of the good stuff at Neimans, Barneys, etc.!