Saks Double Points and up to 40% off

  1. On May 9th next tuesday all day Saks has a sale of up to 40% off and Double Points on all sale items. I just got the postcard in the mail. CHARGE!!!!!!! grrrr~~~~~~~~
  2. Must you be a SAKSFIRST memeber?
  3. Good question I am not sure the invite doesn't say that its a must. But it does say that its open to the public after 4pm.
  4. ic.. so if i dont have a Saks card i can go there after 4 to get the discount then? does it exclude anyting like make ups and stuff?
  5. I wonder what purses are going to be included? I couldn't take adavantage of the F&F discount last week. :sad:
  6. my mail usually gets to me a couple of days after since i get it forwarded. since im a saksfirst member, when can i go? after the store opens?
  7. If your a saksfirst mbr just go when the store opens. So, you can get first dibs on the good stuff.:nuts:
  8. I'm marking my calendar right now :biggrin:
  9. Is this just one day only ... or will the sale continue on?
  10. 40% off for everyone or is it a private sale? Also, does it include LV and Dior items?
  11. I was at Saks today and they're actually doing presale from now until Tuesday.
    There are a lot of exclusions though.
    Not included in handbags: Chloe, Mulberry, Prada, Burberry-I have a feeling that LV won't be part of the sale. My Saks doesn't have Dior, so not sure on that.
    Chanel, Gucci and most of the hi-end sunnies are excluded.
  12. You have to use your Saks Charge to take advantage of the sale. They will only accept the Saks charge for the 40% off. Shoes are 30%.
  13. I have a giftcard to saks, too bad I cant use it towards the discount.
  14. I went today and looked at the handbags that will be a part of the sale. There weren't any nice bags that I would be interested in. I saw some marc jacobs, celine, mulbury and kooba bags.
  15. PRE-SALE going strong at Saks in Boston - spied a couple of NICE Ferragamos.:nuts:

    Saks Fifth Avenue 1 Ring Rd., Prudential Center, tel. 617/262-8500
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