Saks double points and the Mirage Speedy!

  1. I am on the waitlist for a Mirage Speedy and was told that I could probably get one this Saturday...anyways, in the meantime I got an email from my Vuitton in Saks and it said that anything purchased in Saks LV that day will give me double points...!!! So for those of you trying to get your Mirage ahead of Sat. maybe you should wait till Sat. and try to get one from a Saks...
  2. I wish my Saks had an LV counter!
  3. Congrats on getting double points at Saks and the Mirage Speedy!!! I can't wait to see pics!! BTW, what color are you getting?
  4. If I get it it will be in black...he is holding it for me until I call with a credit card today...Oh I am so confused!! I love it, but don't need it and certainly don't like the price. BTW, I called yesterday to this particular Saks and was told I could have one(hadn't been on a waitlist of any kind)...they are obviously not going to be hard to get, which devalues it a bit in my mind.