Saks --- dont even bother!

  1. Just had 5 things cancelled 5 hours after ordering - they are NIT doing a good job of updating their inventory :yucky:
  2. you're kidding! i'm on the site right now trying, but it's so slow that i can't even get thru it all. i'm afraid by the time i want to check out, my cart will be empty.
  3. That sucks!!!!!
  4. I agree! I tried to shop this morning and all I got was a headache!
  5. Not much are on sale though. I am very disappointed.
  6. horrible customer service too! they are not letting you know CANCELLED until 7 hours after order confirmed!!!
  7. it is very slow!
  8. the sale sucks anyways!
  9. My sunglasses order was cancelled, too, even after I spoke to a rep about them. They sent me a scratched up pair and I wanted to exchange them for a NEW pair. I'm done with them!!
  10. their site always is so freaking slow/disorganized.
  11. Yeah - I'm on it now - it's moving at a snail's pace. I'm headed over to Neiman Marcus!!
  12. Now I am worried. I ordered two Chloe handbags - the bay shoulder bag and the bay satchel right after the sale started online, so I guess my order will get cancelled too. I had that happen to me last fall when I ordered a Marc Jacobs handbag that was on sale. Their customer service is terrible!
  13. The website is usually terrible, but in store is not bad, that is, if you are near a Saks that has good inventory.
  14. I placed an order this morning and it looks like all the items shipped today. It was RIDICULOUSLY slow- the only thing that kept me motivated was a pair of shoes that I bought recently at full price were 30% off- so I bought the sale shoes and will return my full price shoes- and bought a dress with the difference!:yahoo:
  15. the instore sale was lots better--found some gaultier tops and theory work pants on sale at 40% off and my bf got a pair of hugo boss dress pants too...

    i think the site is always slow when they have big sale events